Home Services

water and plumpingHome Service is easy to start, and great for the kids. Just call us and we’ll bring out your cooler and 15 gallons of great bottled water, free, to get you started. Then we deliver every month, just leave out your empties and we will replace them. Convenient, fun for the kids, and a great value compared to buying small bottles of water at the store. You don’t even have to be home for delivery! And your family will love the great taste of our ice cold fresh bottled water. Whether you prefer our spring water or our drinking water, you will never be disappointed with this great way to take good care of your family. Order our home service today!

Home Service: We will provide you a Cold Cooler for $8.95 a month, and spring water for $6.60 a bottle— no minimum order, no minimum time. Just order it now and try it for a while— you will discover the whole family will thank you!
This family enjoys the taste of ice-cold, refreshing Smith’s Premium Natural Spring Water.

Take good care of your family’s health the convenient, cost-effective way! Try our Home Water Service today.

Or try our Family Package Offer: All the water your family needs (up to 30 gallons a month) and a Cold Cooler for $31.95 flat fee each month. Annual service agreement required. This means you can take the water you need each month, and use it as you really want to— for drinking, for cooking, for tea and coffee and concentrated juices… and of course, for baby formula and drinks for your young children… even your pets will enjoy non-chlorinated water that is truly good for them! Order it now.