About Us

Armed with a mission to provide quality bottled water and coffee products with outstanding service at a fair price, Smith’s Premium Water & Coffee Service is a well-established (founded in 1988) local service company in the greater RTP area. Smith’s Premium bottles its own excellent spring and drinking water and carries a distinctive line of coolers and coffee brewers. Smith’s Premium caters to commercial and residential customers of all sizes, with both water and coffee deliveries right to the office, home, or workplace.

Robert and Peggy Smith, founders and owners of this remarkable company, have built it on a foundation of Christian values, which includes a level of courtesy and respect for the customers that you don’t find every day.
“The way we have earned our way to becoming a truly ‘local’ company,” said Robert, “is by participating in the community.
“Robert and Peggy have worked very hard to build a great service-oriented organization while also spending countless personal hours serving the community,” said Don Sellers, General Manager of Smith’s Premium.
“We like to give back to the community and we try real hard to do that,” Peggy Smith said.
The area serviced is shown on the Delivery Area page.

Shown above is some of the Smith’s Premium team, led by Robert and Peggy Smith (center) with one of their delivery vehicles in the background.